Tech Spec

The Horn has the following technical equipment available. Please note we are unable to supply drum kits or other instruments so you will need to bring your own. Please click here Horn Tech Spec to view the full spec in PDF format

The Kit:

4k EV QRx Sound System

4 mix foldback monitoring, all with separate EQ’s

24 Channel Allen & Heath GL2400 Mixing desk

Klark Teknik FOH EQ

Composer Pro Compressor

Lexicon FX’s

SM 57′s, SM 58′s, Condenser mics, Bass/Kick mics, DI Boxes etc

Twin CD, Technics 1210′s and Ecler Nuo 2 mixer for DJ’s

12 Sound to Light Spotlights

In house Sound Engineers

Backstage room with seating, toilet, mirror, and awesome rock and roll gallery/pictures!